2 Important Tips for Older Adults to Stay Healthy

2 Important Tips for Older Adults to Stay Healthy

Living for many years without suffering a serious illness is something that very few get a privilege of. It is true that there are many factors that we can not control and that can prevent us from reaching our goal, such as genetic predisposition or exposure to toxic and polluting agents, but it also depends to a large extent on our lifestyle. If we focus on the health of the brain, although it is usually affected during the aging process, to a certain extent it is in our hands to stop the deterioration of this organ by performing activities to exercise the mind and avoiding some behaviors that favor the loss of cognitive faculties.

Sleep disorders

A large number of scientific studies show that sleeping badly is harmful to the brain. One of these studies, carried out by researchers at the University of Toronto (Canada) relates the appearance of cerebral arteriosclerosis with a fragmented sleep, which prevents the correct oxygenation of brain tissues. In particular, it was observed that the risk of suffering from this problem increased by 27% in people who did not sleep in a continuous manner. Another study revealed that sleeping a few hours, or experiencing interruptions during sleep, increases the chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Advice: go to the doctor if you have trouble falling asleep, or you feel that you do not rest well at night but you fall asleep without realizing it during the day because it could be due to a health problem. And do not self-medicate with sleeping drugs, even if they are natural since there are many products that can interact with your medication.

Relating to other people

One of the main problems of the elderly is the loneliness and isolation in which they usually live, which in addition to causing sadness and psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, harms the brain. In addition, different studies show that staying alone leads to stress, which implies an increase in the production of cortisol, a hormone that promotes inflammation and the development of certain autoimmune diseases.

Tip: Strive to maintain contact with your family and friends. If you do not find it easy to see them often, call them by phone. And do not close the door to new friendships, something you can get by taking classes in gymnastics, dancing, excursions, becoming a member of associations or you can even meet other people through the Internet, for example in the Facebook groups specific to your hobbies.

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